Lee Wilson Wins 2016 Sangster Award

The EIUI research team is very pleased to congratulate Lee Wilson who was recently named the 2016 recipient of the Sangster Award. Lee was selected from among masters and doctoral student applicants across Canada to attend and present his research at the International Council for Science: Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) conference in Denver, Colorado on 11-13 September 2016. The Sangster Award was established in 2003 by the Canadian National Committee for CODATA, through the patronage of Dr. James Sangster. This award is “targeted at graduate students, or recent graduates, whose field of study supports the goals and activities of CODATA, namely to help foster and advance science and technology through developing and sharing knowledge about data and the activities that work with data.” The CAN $3,000 award will enable Lee to attend the SciDataCon 2016 conference where he will present a paper entitled “Towards a unified vision for ocean data management in Canada: Results of an expert forum.” This paper aptly fits the conference theme: “Advancing the frontiers of data in research.”

Lee recently completed his Master’s thesis, entitled “The Communication of Information in Multi-Sectoral Networks: A Case Study of Tidal Power Network(s) in the Bay of Fundy Region of Atlantic Canada,” within the EIUI research program.

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