Research Students & Staff

Tamanna Moharana


Tamanna Moharana is a recent graduate from the Master of Information degree at Dalhousie’s School of Information Management. She worked as a System Analyst for 6 years but her passion for environmental conservation brought her to Canada. She is interested in exploring and learning how information plays a critical role and how can it be managed and made accessible for individuals and organizations involved in decision-making processes. Her primary interests are in research data management and information accessibility in marine contexts.



Lisa Long


Lisa is a recent graduate from the MI program at Dalhousie. Along with her work for EIUI Lisa also works full time as a Data Curator with Pharm3r. She has a passion for helping others and gaining knowledge. In her free time Lisa loves to read books and play with her son. She believes in the work the EIUI is doing and hopes to gain more understanding about how science can be utilized to inform policy.