Bay of Fundy in Flux: BoFEP’s 11th Science Workshop

The 11th Bay of Fundy Science Workshop, organized by the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on 8-11 June 2016. Held every two years, the workshop brings representatives from the communities that live, work, and study along the Bay together to discuss recent research and developments happening in and around the Bay of Fundy. The theme of the 2016 workshop was “Fundy in Flux: Challenges for Science, Policy, and Society.” Participants at this workshop explored changes over time from prehistoric fossils to early indigenous settlements, emerging issues such as tidal energy and marine protected areas, and discussed the impacts for industry, future scientific research, communities, and the Bay’s ecology.

Four special sessions and workshops took place over the four-day workshop. Indigenous leaders and elders provided a river-side special session where traditional knowledge of the Wolastoq and Nashwaak Rivers was shared with conference participants. Dr. Katherine Mills spoke about climate change’s impacts on fish populations and the human communities that depend on fishing. Archeologist Brent Suttie described archeological evidence of early coastal indigenous settlements in Southwestern New Brunswick. To conclude the workshop, a few conference participants went on a field trip of the Oromocto River, hosted by the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources.

Several members of the EIUI research team presented papers and posters:


Ian Stewart and Peter Wells, “Diluted Bitumen Spills in the Bay of Fundy: An Update on the Scientific and Technological Challenges.” Abstract.

Lee Wilson, “Communication in Tidal Power Networks Operating in the Bay of Fundy: The Important Role of Bridger Organizations.” Abstract.

Lee Wilson and Andy Sherin, “Towards a National Network for Ocean Observation.” Abstract.


Sarah Chamberlain, “Determining the Overall Use and Influence of a Long-term Marine Environmental Monitoring Program: A Case Study on Gulfwatch in Nova Scotia.” Abstract.

Suzuette Soomai, Sarah Chamberlain, Bertrum MacDonald, James Ross, Peter Wells, and Lee Wilson, “Enablers and Barriers at the Science-Policy Interface: Case Studies on Scientific Information Use in Environmental Decision-Making.” Abstract.


The complete workshop program, including abstracts, is available at this link and further information about BoFEP at this link.


Author: Sarah Chamberlain


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