EIUI at the 2018 Bay of Fundy Science Workshop – Proceedings Now Available

The Bay of Fundy, and the larger Gulf of Maine, is one of the most diverse ecological ocean and coastal areas globally and home to the world’s highest tides. The Bay of Fundy was the Canadian finalist in the worldwide New7Wonders of Nature contest (2007-2011). Since 1996, the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) has hosted a biennial Bay Fundy Science Workshop series. The 2018 Workshop, on the theme “A Changing Fundy Environment: Emerging Issues, Challenges, and Priorities,” brought 115 researchers, students, environmental managers, and members of the public together for three days of presentations about recent research, information exchange, and discussion about ongoing and emerging environmental issues. EIUI team members participated in this important meeting, which intersects science and policy, in various capacities, primarily through a major session on “Information Use at the Science-Policy Interface in Decision-Making,” and several posters. Rachael Cadman won the Best Student Poster presentation. The proceedings of the workshop are now available online at this link, where details about the following EIUI contributions can be viewed:


MacDonald, B. H., Soomai, S. S., Cadman, R., Ryder-Burbidge, S., & Ross, J. D. “Information Use at the Science-Policy Interface in Decision-Making in the Bay of Fundy” (p. 20-23).

Wells, P. G. “Emerging Environmental Issues in the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine” (p. 28-29).

Cadman, R., MacDonald, B. H., & Soomai, S. S. “Sharing Victories: Enablers and Barriers to Collaborative Relationships within the Conservation Sector” (poster, p. 57).

Castillo, Diana, MacDonald, B. H., & Soomai, S. S. “Global Resource, Local Needs: A Case Study of the Use of the International Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts Database” (poster, p. 57-58).

Eck, K. L., Soomai, S. S., & MacDonald, B. H. “The Important Role of Technical Working Groups in Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Marine Fisheries Management” (poster, p. 58).

Ryder-Burbidge, S., MacDonald, B. H., & Soomai, S. S. “Examining Socioecological Ocean Connections in a Coastal Community: Implications for Local Policy and Science Communication” (poster, p. 59).

Soomai, S. S., MacDonald, B. H., Ross, J. D., Wells, P. G., & Wilson, L. “Characteristics of the Science-Policy Interface: Scientific Information Use in Coastal and Ocean Decision-Making” (poster, p. 59-60).


About BoFEP: The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership is a virtual institute, open to both individuals and groups who are interested in the well being of the Bay of Fundy. BoFEP is dedicated to:

  • promoting the ecological integrity, vitality, biodiversity, and productivity of the Bay of Fundy ecosystem, in support of the social well-being and economic sustainability of its coastal communities
  • facilitating and enhancing communication and co-operation among all citizens interested in understanding, sustainably using and conserving the resources, habitats, and ecological processes of the Bay of Fundy.


McNeely, J., Janowicz, M., Chan, B., Chamberlain, S., Rolston, S. J., & Wells, P. G. (Eds.). (2018). A changing Fundy environment: Emerging issues, challenges, and priorities. Proceedings of the 12th BoFEP Bay of Fundy Science workshop, Truro, Nova Scotia, 9-12 May 2018. BoFEP Technical Report no. 11. Tantallon, NS: Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership. Retrieved from http://www.bofep.org/wpbofep/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PROCEEDINGS-2018-Workshop_forWeb-1.pdf


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