Our publications describe our research and the techniques that are being developed to measure use and influence, and to identify and mitigate communication barriers. Our case studies employ various information research methodologies, including citation analysis, document content analysis, online surveys, and interviews.

Latest Publications: 

MacDonald, B. H., Ross, J. D., Soomai, S. S., & Wells, P. G. (2015). How information in grey literature informs policy and decision-making: A perspective on the need to understand the processes. The Grey Journal, 11(1), 7-16. (Full Entry)

Cossarini, D. M., MacDonald, B. H., & Wells, P. G. (2014). Communicating marine environmental information to decision makers: Enablers and barriers to use of publications (grey literature) of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. Ocean & Coastal Management, 96, 163-172. DOI (Full Entry)

Ross, J.D., Hubbard, L.D., Cordes, R.E., MacDonald, B.H., & Wells, P.G. (2014). Celebrating 25 Years of Knowledge on the Gulf: A Bibliography of Publications of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. Halifax: Dalhousie University. (Full Entry)

Soomai, S.S., MacDonald, B.H., & Wells, P.G. (2013). Communicating environmental information to the stakeholders in coastal and marine policy-making: Case studies from Nova Scotia and the Gulf of Maine/Bay of Fundy region. Marine Policy, 40, 176-186….(Full Entry) (Authors’ version)

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